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Bilingual Resource Development Unit


The Bilingual Resource Development Unit or BRDU is a centre of Warlpiri language learning.  BRDU is a part of Yuendumu School, providing Warlpiri language materials and support for pre-school and early childhood,  and school levels one to twelve.  Ormay Nangala Gallager gives Literacy worker lessons in Yuendumu and travels to Nyrripi to do support the language program there.

Outside of school hours, the centre gets involved in Culture Night held every second Tuesday. Activities on Culture Night have included painting Jukurrpa, visiting Jukurrpa sites and country, seed collecting and grinding, and making traditional Warlpiri toys. BRDU also functions as a printery, and translation service for the community. Printing and translating its own resource publications, as well as items for the school and community, such as posters, booklets etc on request.

One of BRDU’s Warlpiri Language resources is the magazine Junga – Yimi. Translated as ‘True Story’, Junga – Yimi is a colourful bilingual publication full of images from the community. It reports on what’s happening in the community, and in the various organisations of Yuendumu.  Content is from the whole community, and translations are done by Donovan and Ormay. Translating is Ormay Nangala’s favorite job at BRDU, and she is currently working on translations for the school. Donovan Jampijinpa Rice is finishing the last Junga – Yimi for the year.

BRDU is also a local bilingual book publisher. Donovan and Ormay take stories and photos of traditional cultural activities and preserve them in book form. Most stories are targeted toward early childhood or beginner level Warlpiri learners. BRDU also works with Yapa and Kardiya teachers, to come up with stories to make into books. Stories are also created by Donovan Jampijinpa and Ormay Nangala, who were signing their authored books for people at the School Fun Day.

Books are illustrated by Donovan Jampijinpa, and some illustrations are done by students and photos are also used.  These are scanned and coloured in using photoshop, then published alongside stories. English translations are printed on the back, to allow for billingual learning, and understanding. Donovan Jampijinpa and Ormay Nangala both use Indesign and Photoshop software to create, lay out and publish the Warlpiri books.

Warlpiri books are distributed in the community, to Yapa and Kardiya, and used in the Yuendumu, Nyrripi, Willowra and Lajamanu Schools for Warlpiri lessons. Barbara Martin runs and teaches the Warlpiri classes in the Warlpiri room. Ormay Nangala reads  out loud to students, who listen and read along with her. She would like to make read-along recordings for students in Warlpiri communities, so that they can be distributed widely, used in lessons and used with the smart boards in all the communities.

Donovan Jampijnpa would like to see Warlpiri language classes online, and accessible to a wide audience of potential Warlpiri langauge learners. Both would like to keep working closely with schools, and to keep BRDU strong and running in the community.

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