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Yuendumu Women’s Centre


Yuendumu Women’s Centre is a not for profit organisation, which directs all monies earned back into the Centre’s projects for women and families, and the wider community.

YWC is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 12 women. A circle of elders act as advisers on cultural matters to the Board. A number of permanent and casual staff and over 100 members form the Centre.

The Board’s policy decision for a Centre for ‘women no matter your colour’ means membership is open to Yapa and Kardyia women. To join and be listed as a member, a simple process of signing a form at the office is required. Members attend open meetings, to receive news and information, find employment, and stay connected to the Centre.

The new Business Plan outlines three new services. A ‘strong women, strong culture, strong babies’ program funded by GMAAAC. An Op Shop and a Laundromat. All three are very close to being delivered.

Other areas of work are:

  • The Safe House
  • School Nutrition program
  • PACE program.
  • The Outback Store, of which it owns 95%

Women from the Centre started Night Patrol, and ran it until recently. This service is now run by the Central Desert Shire.

YWC employs a total of 19 women. Staff are CEO Erin Gordon; three casuals and four on call at the Safe House; two casual staff at the OP Shop; two permanent and two casual staff for School Nutrition; four permanent staff, who share tasks for the main Women’s Centre office, and 2 permanent staff for the PACE program.

The Women’s Centre is a growing organisation, which provides our community with expanding opportunities and services; as well as continuing to support, encourage, strengthen and empower the women of Yuendumu.

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